Kermad Machinebouw BV designs and manufactures machines to clean metal parts on a water basis since 1976 in Tilburg, the Netherlands.

Distinctive about the cleaning machines of Kermad is the high quality level, simplicity of use and maintenance.

The machines are designed in such a way that there are as few connections/ under the waterline of the tank as possible. The possibility of leakage of the cleaning liquid is being kept to a minimum.

The cleaning machines of Kermad are preferably equipped with:

  • Self-manufactured 1-stage vertical centrifugal pump
  • Vertical perpendicular heating elements
  • Chain skimmer instead of a disc skimmer
  • Deepened point in the bottom of the tank, for placing the submersible pump, instead of a drain valve.

All of this simplifies maintenance significantly and excludes a possible environmental accident.

If required a machine can be equipped with a drip tray.



Founding of the company

Kermad, founded on the Korvelseweg, in the center of Tilburg.

Moved to the current location

Vanwege plaatsgebrek verhuisd naar industrieterrein Kraaiven, eerste hal gebouwd.

Constructed the second production hall

Constructed the second production hall as well as expanded the other halls.

Constructed extra office space

Constructed extra office space, from the ”wooden shack” on the workplace to a real office space!