Hot water spray cleaners are deployed on metal parts which need to be thoroughly cleaned in a short amount of time. Cleaning liquid is sprayed under pressure on the metal parts which need to be cleaned. This minimizes the cleaning time to a minimum. The liquid consists of 60°water with an added washing agent. The washing liquid can be reused for a longer period, dependent on the pollution level.

These machines are very well suited for lighter cleaning operations.

Field of application: workshop, garage, maintenance service, revision company, etc.

Technical specifications

Basket diameter600 mm820 mm1050 mm1250 mm
Loading height300 mm400 mm500 mm640 mm
Loading height with movable basket and trolley——–360 mm460 mm600 mm
Tank capacity 50 ltr.120 ltr.220 ltr.450 ltr.
Pump pressure1,5 Bar2 Bar3 Bar3,2 Bar
Pump capacity60 ltr./min.120 ltr./min.140 ltr./min.190 ltr./min.
Heating4 KW4 KW7,5 KW2 x 7,5 KW
Max. load80 kg150 kg200 kg300 kg
Transport trolleyoptionaloptionaloptional
Driven basketIncludedIncludedIncludedIncluded
Oil skimmeroptional optionaloptional
Automatic fillingoptional optional optional optional
Isolationoptional optional optional optional
Vapor extraction fanoptional optional optional optional
24/7 hour dialoptional optional optional optional